Welcome to Full Stop

I’m here to help, not shame. While grammar and writing may be my jam, you should see me swing a cricket bat.*

Do semi-colons freak you out and do you sometimes wonder what passive voice even means? Did you *eye roll* through every English in school because there’s never ‘one’ right answer?

Maybe you need content for your website that’s as crisp and clear as a summer lager. Maybe you know what you need to say, but you’re just not sure how best to say it…

I get it.

No doubt, some of you will be by now thinking ‘But that’s not ME!’

Maybe you actually love to write. But you’ve been struggling with getting started. In fact, you haven’t even quite decided what you actually want to write. Maybe it’s fallen to you (as the reluctant family historian) to figure out what to do with all of Aunt Marge’s old diaries. You need some focus and perhaps a strategy (or structure) for a longer academic or creative project.

That’s where Full Stop comes in.  Whether you’re a grammar-phobe or a hatchling writer, I can help.

*Definitely NOT my jam. In fact, if you see me swinging a cricket bat, you should probably run, because I’m probably being chased by zombies and it was the closest weapon available.

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