Let’s face it: time is something we are never guaranteed. There will never be a perfect time to start that writing project, so the best time to start is NOW!


Do you think about any of these questions:

  • How do I start a blog?
  • I want to record things about my child’s birth, first year and other milestones – but what? And how?
  • I’m a mature-aged student with no clue about researching and referencing! Where do I go for help?
  • What do I want my adult children to know about my life, my upbringing, my era, my past?
  • How do I create a travel journal for my upcoming trip abroad?
  • What questions do I want to ask my father, mother or grandparents or another special ageing person in my life?
  • What past trauma or hurt do I want to try and work through and ‘write my way out of’?

If you are a ‘writing-curious’ hobbyist thinking of starting a project – either a personal one, or one aimed for publication – but don’t know quite where to begin, Full Stop can help.

Maybe you’re thinking of:

  • Starting a blog about cooking, parenting, lifestyle, home decorating, fashion, fitness – the possibilities are endless!
  • Collecting funny stories about your children
  • Returning to university but need to brush up on your writing, research and referencing skills
  • Writing your memoirs and experiences
  • Recording a loved one’s story before it’s too late
  • Compiling a family history – either electronically or in hard copy
  • Putting together a travel scrapbook with stories and pictures
  • Creating a collection of short stories, poetry or personal recollections – self-publication has never been easier!
  • Starting that novel

As a long-time writing teacher across multiple areas – screenwriting, life writing, fiction and poetry – Full Stop can help you take that next step  with your writing project.

One-to-one or small group tutorials are available.

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