Editing and proofreading – what’s the difference?

Editing is a close read of a piece of writing and will often suggest changes and revisions. This is good for when you’re stuck on a particular project or document, and maybe know what you need to say – but don’t know how to say it!

Proofreading is for when your document or piece of writing is essentially ‘done’ – think of when you’re sick of looking at something! – but it just needs another set of eyes across it to pick up on any minor errors, misused words, spelling errors or formatting issues.

Both steps are critically important to create a finished and ‘publishable’ product – whether it be for a webpage, important email or job application.

Full Stop can help with:

  • Job applications
  • Resumes
  • Academic research papers (including thesis)
  • High school and university assessments (including referencing)
  • Grant and tender applications
  • Scholarship applications
  • Request and submission forms

What people read about you, from you and by you, creates an impression – and often it’s a first one. Make it great! Don’t send your stuff out there without me.

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